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MJA & Associates has been helping companies earn tax credits for more than 16 years. Learn what our clients have to say by reading the testimonials below.

"The program has been easy to administer with only minimal effort on our part. The tax credits have been 'found money," which is always nice. Wish all programs were so easy to install, maintain, and so lucrative)."

- Tom Ramsey, President at Total Placement Staffing Solutions

” I met Marcel while sitting on the Board for California Staffing Professionals. Since The Right Choice signed on the dotted line with MIA & Associates, we have saved THOUSANDS of dollars in taxes! I highly recommend all business owners to take IS minutes to hear what MJA & Associates has to offer."

- Karen Rodriguez, President at The Right Choice

'Marcel and his learn at WA & Associates have done an outstanding job for Reliance Staffing & Recruiting. They have been on top of our WOTC program from the very beginning, and we love the frequent reports and updates."

- Tom Sarach Jr., President at Reliance Staffing & Recruiting

"I am writing this to compliment you and MJA & Associates on your work with the WOTC program. You and your staff guided. Every step of the way. Everyone that we interacted with at MIA & Associates was very responsive and helpful. We concluded last year with a very substantial credit. Ad-VANCE totally endorses MJA & Associates and the work that they do. Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any doubts about working with this fine group.”

- Brian Sunseri, President at Ad-VANCE Talent Solutions

"I met Marcel and was introduced to his company, MJA Associates, at last year's annual meeting in Palm Springs. I was impressed with his enthusiasm and knowledge of the Work opportunities. Tax Program. We had been handling this program on our own with moderate success primarily because we were not following up with potential applicants and temporary workers to ensure they were filling out the paperwork properly and submitting it to us. We decided to give WA Associates a chance to see what they could do for us, and we have been pleased with the results. In less than a year, we have earned thousands of dollars in tax credits. I know we could not have done this on our own. Their prompt follow-up and completion of the necessary paperwork have resulted in finding money that otherwise we would not have seen. I highly recommend their service."

- Michael Dumaine, Owner at Point Staffing Solutions

"Marcel's extensive knowledge of the various tax credit programs is quite impressive. His efforts have helped generate over $64,000 in tax credits in our first year! I also appreciate his professionalism and timely communication. I would recommend MJA & Associates to anyone considering outsourcing their tax credit administration."

- Tim Blackwell, President at Personnel Services Unlimited